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Download Flywheel Full Movie | Match Flywheel Hd Download

Posted on: February 18, 2013

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Genres: Drama
Actors: Rosetta Harris Armstrong , Lisa Arnold , Blake Bailey , Jansen Barnes , Roger Breland , Walter Burnett , Michael Catt , John Cochran , Carrie Crenshaw , Ashlynn Dapper , Janet Lee Dapper , Ron Dorminey , Shannen Fields , David Frasier , Shawn Gaines
Director: Alex Kendrick
Country: United States
Year: 2003
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 (1430 votes)

Jay Austin, a dishonest car salesman in lots of debt, comes to a turning point in his life where he becomes a born-again Christian, turns from his dishonest way of business and begins trusting in God to take care of him. Even when things get hard he trusts God, and God provides him with a way to pay off his debt honestly.

Film Review

I completely disagree with the reviewer "Obliv". He is obviously pretty nutty. I mean to bash people just because they say they enjoyed the movie… PLEASE! And then he was bashing Christians throughout his review while claiming to be one, yeah right! So If you want a true review, I don't think you will get it from that guy.My two cents…. I watch a lot of movies (pretty much everything) and I really enjoyed this one. The story line was great, I found it very touching and refreshing. I thought the main character did a great job too. My only criticism would be to work on the film quality as it was not the best and some of the acting could use some work too. However, this was a very good start and I look forward to more movies by this church in the future! By the way, I loved "Facing the Giants" too.Funniest part of the movie was the joke about how the film staff at their church only copied tapes all day and did nothing else… I'm sure they got a kick ou…

However, I have an issue with these types of movies that make out like all your problems will be resolved for the better and things will get so much better in your life. Like, c'mon….Christians know better than to think all their problems are going to be wiped out because they turned to God. Sometimes God doesn't erase the problems for you like He did for the car salesman. Imagine! Selling all the cars in one day because he decided to clean up his act? Geeze, I wish my life would have been that easy when I became a Christian. Not a very realistic portrayal of the Christian life.

I must start by saying I am very impressed. I always knew that Alex and Stephen would make a name for themselves one day. They always had talent. I grew up with them at a church in Smyrna during our middle school and high school years. Alex and Stephen were always making something and or writing music. I was kind of skeptical when Dad gave me the movie. I was wondering OK how good could this be. I was so taken by surprise. I have watched it about 6 or 7 times since I received it. I am hoping to see more from them in the future. Way to go ALEX AND STEPHEN! May God bless your future projects! You will always have my families support and prayers!

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