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Download Tango Charlie Full Movie | Tango Charlie Dvd Download

Posted on: February 18, 2013

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Genres: Action , Drama , War
Actors: Ajay Devgan , Bobby Deol , Sanjay Dutt , Sunil Shetty , Tanisha , Nandana Sen , Sudesh Berry , Shahbaaz Khan , Vishal Thakkar , Kelly Dorji , Vivek Shaq , Sanjay Mishra , Subrat Dutta , Anuj Gurwara , Alok Nath
Director: Mani Shankar
Country: India
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (379 votes)

Indian Army Sepoy Tarun Chauhan is assigned to proceed to Northeastern part of India that has been rocked by riots and violence with orders to report to his superior, Havaldar Mohammed Ali. Once there, he comes to know that things can be quiet for weeks, following by sporadic violence, and casualties on both sides. His group also comes under attack by vicious terrorists, who like to cut an ear from a dead body, then leave the body as bait, in order to kill anyone who comes to the rescue. This is where Tarun makes his first kill. Then they are instructed to proceed to Bengal in order to counter Naxalities, where Tarun gets to see action almost immediately. Then war breaks out between India and Pakistan and their group is asked to travel to Kargil and guard a bridge. This is where Tarun will face his biggest challenge – a challenge that will make him a true soldier or lead him to his death.

Film Review

I like this film! I have watched the DVD 3 times now and every time I like it better. The film to my mind is intended to portray the life of the ordinary soldier who gets sent wherever to do whatever. It honors the dead and is very anti-war in the sense that it shows how senseless and damaging war is. So right away I like that.This is not a chick flick – although Ajay’s thing for the landlord’s daughter is sweet and sexy! There is one really gruesome scene that I tend to fast forward through and I recommend you do the same. I liked Bobby Deol here. The director figured out that Bobby has an innocent side which plays very well to the camera and makes him quite likable. I even saw tinges of his Dad for the first time in one of the Deols….Sanjay and Suniel are good and fun in their nosy observer roles as they read the diary. Their humor together in the face of so much danger is cool.But – as the critics said – this is Ajay’s film. He is just awesome here. From the beginning of the film…

A routine sortie in the Kargil sector. Indian Air Force helicopter pilots, Squadron Leader Vikram Rathore (Sanjay Dutt) and Flight Lieutenant Shezad Khan (Suniel Shetty) are busy with the process of passing time in the white-clad wilderness of endless non-populated arid lands. Suddenly, they spot a number of bodies strewn over, and a hand reaching out. The rescue is carried out despite of a ‘No-Go’ from the HQ Command because of bad weather. The basic first-aid is carried out, and a diary is discovered. What unfolds through the pages of this diary, while these two pilots fight bad weather and the need to keep the rescued BSF soldier alive, takes them on a whirlwind trip across the nation with Sepoy Tarun Chauhan (Bobby Deol), his journey of life, his love Lachchi (Tanishaa), his battles, his fears, the loss of innocence, and above all, the influence of his mentor, Havaldar Mohammed Ali (Ajay Devgan), who is shaping his destiny. From time immemorial, soldiers have fallen on the battlef…

As Ajay Devgan says in the earlier part of the film, even if the entire platoon is killed fighting the insurgency in Manipur, it may just about make it to a column on page 13 of the national dailies.The average Indian doesn’t care about those dying daily in proxy-wars all across the Indian heartlands. The BSF jawans dying for that Indian, fortunately, don’t care either. The rest of the movie makes you care… That is the story of ”Tango Charlie”, in a bombshell.Bobby Deol is well cast as the lead character, who doesn t need more than 2 expressions to walk through the film shock and awe. India’s answer to Keanu Reeves plays Tarun Chopra (aka Tango Charlie in wartime moniker). The story traces his innocent origins as a BSF jawan posted in the jungles of Manipur to the grim realities of the war in Kargil. I am still unsure whether anyone that has seen so much blood can retain the chocolate innocence Bobby does. He looks more like an MBA suited to an air-conditioned lifestyle than the h…

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